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Participation of Itema Group in the company.

02/05/2017 Press release


NoeCha will exhibit at FESPA 2017, stand A1D75, showcasing its innovative wide format printing machine and announcing the participation of Itema Group in the Company.

Capriate San Gervasio, Italy – NoeCha, the Italian-based company, active in the sector of wide format printing with unique and highly acclaimed high-tech printing solutions, will exhibit at FESPA in Hamburg from May 8 – 12th. Visitors to NoeCha’s booth (Hall A1 – D75) will discover the latest features of the successful industrial flatbed, NoeCha ONE, as well as learn about exciting changes in the Company’s corporate structure with the entry of a brand-new investor, Itema Group.


At FESPA 2017, NoeCha will make daily live demonstrations on its racehorse, the wide format industrial UV-LED digital press, NoeCha ONE. Characterized by outstanding quality and high productivity NoeCha ONE is the perfect printer to produce high impact graphics, POS display as well as particular industrial applications.


The core of the NoeCha ONE is a revolutionary printing engine that enables native 600dpi x 600dpi image quality with up to 4 grayscale level by controlling drop size from 3 pl. to 14 pl. This is how the press delivers photo-realistic quality at production speeds.


The new 3.2 x 2 m vacuum table divided in 16 zones of vacuum allows excellent printability on different type and size of material without the need of masking empty area of the table. This feature combined with the latest model of the fully automatic feeder and stacker system of the NoeCha ONE is meeting the expectation of the customers for more automation.

Fespa is also the opportunity for NoeCha to inform the market about a brand new investor and sharholder, Itema Group.


Itema Group is a leading global provider of advanced weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services based in Bergamo province of Italy. The Company is the only manufacturer in the world to provide the top three weft insertion weaving technologies: rapier, airjet and projectile, with an ample product portfolio and a commitment to continuous innovation and technological advancement of its weaving machines. The Company is also unique in its sector with two R&D units, of which one – ItemaLab – entirely dedicated to breakthrough innovations and the development of the “loom of the future.”


Part of the group of companies belonging to Radici Family, Itema is the largest privately held company in its sector.


NoeCha, thanks to its new collaboration with Itema, will guarantee to its Customers an even more timely, reliable and efficient global service.


In the words of Mr Marco Baio, NoeCha CEO: “The cooperation with Itema Group marks for NoeCha an important new milestone and will enable us to quickly become an industrial-scale powerhouse, ensuring to our Customers reduced time to market, faster deliveries and the highest production quality standards.”


Mr Carlo Rogora, Itema Group CEO, commented: “Itema Group is a solid, innovation-driven and globally minded Company. We chose NoeCha due to its forward-thinking mission which perfectly matches our dedication in supplying top performances and advanced machinery. Combining our strengths, we will reach new heights of success in the development and in the manufacturing of innovative, highly technological products. Itema will guarantee to NoeCha Customers worldwide a structured organization, based on the most modern lean manufacturing concepts in its production sites and on a global network of agents and distributors.”


To learn more about NoeCha’s revolutionary digital printing machines, make sure to visit NOECHA Stand at FESPA 2017 in Hall A1, booth D75.


About Itema


Itema is a leading global provider of advanced weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services. The Company is the only manufacturer in the world to provide the top three weft insertion technologies: rapier, air jet and projectile, with an ample product portfolio and a commitment to continuous innovation and technological advancement of its weaving machines. The Company is also unique in its sector with two R&D units, of which one – ItemaLab – is dedicated entirely to breakthrough innovations and the development of the “loom of the future.”


For more information about Itema, please visit






NoeCha is happy to announce its new agreement with Digitalia, leading supplier in digital solutions, to distribute its flatbed printers across Italia.




The partnership between NoeCha and Digitalia is part of the company’s strategy to increase its market share after having convinced the market to hold state-of-the-art flatbed printing solutions. Thanks to its large sales organization, an important product and market knowhow as well as great customer relationship skills, Digitalia is the right partner to promote and support NoeCha’s large format presses on the whole italian territory. “As well as we are convinced to have in hands the best flatbed technology available on the market today, we are sure to have chosen the best partner to represent us in Italy” commented Marco Baio, founder and CEO of NoeCha.


NoeCha and Digitalia have chosen Viscom Italia, from 13th to 15th October, to announce their new collaboration to their customers. They will welcome visitors on their booth, hall 12 stand F25, where NoeCha’s flatbed printer, the DOT1, launched in Drupa last June will be showcased.


With the new contract Digitalia is becoming exclusive distributor of NoeCha DOT1, taking care of the machine sales in Italy as well as to distribute the inks and to provide the technical support. After Viscom Digitalia’s customer will be able to have life demonstration on the new flatbed in Padova, in Digitalia’s showroom.


Digitalia is also promoting NoeCha’s flagship product, the NoeCha1, and will bring customer to the NoeCha’s demo center in Capriate San Gervasio (BG). “We are constantly looking for innovative and “out of the box” solutions to propose to our clients. With the NoeCha1 and its compact version the DOT1 we are opening new opportunities to high-end digital printer and to the smaller ones that wish to start with digital flatbed printing. Moreover we are proud to promote top quality products completely Made in Italy ” said Marino Rossetti, CEO of Digitalia.

NoeCha and Digitalia are looking forward to meeting you in Viscom. They will be happy to share with you their enthusiasm around a nice coffee.

NoeCha had great success at DRUPA 2016.




Drupa 2016, NoeCha had a very successful show.


NoeCha technology met with great success at Drupa 2016. The company’s booth attracted many visitors who came to see the live demonstrations scheduled throughout the entire show. Drupa was an opportunity to unveil the new flatbed UV LED inkjet press NoeCha DOT1 and some additional upgrades to the industrial press NoeCha1, consisting of a fully automated loading and uploading panels system.


Excellent business deals for NoeCha ONE.


NoeCha recorded very satisfactory business results. During the show the company developed many professional contacts and several interesting deals are under way. In the meanwhile, two orders have been already signed for the company’s flagship, the NoeCha1: one press will go to the Swedish company, Victory Print, and one to the Italian Gescom Spa. Installations are scheduled for this coming September and October.The aim of Gescom Spa, one of the largest digital printing companies in Italy, was to improve its rigid media printing business along with the need to improve quality, productivity and reduce operational costs. Victory Print is an historic Scandinavian company specialized in the Sign & Display market with very demanding customers. «The demand for high quality is increasing and becoming a priority for most of our customers» said the owner, Bosse Larsson. «This led us to invest in this technology. It has all the features we were looking for: a native resolution of 600×600 dpi and high printing speed allowing us to compete in terms of prices as well». NoeCha1 will replace an old equipment.


Drupa confirms technological leadership for Noecha.


During the show visitors had the opportunity to verify NoeCha1 print quality and many of them have already reserved personalized demos at the company headquarters in Capriate. The press, developed for graphic arts, packaging, display and for industrial applications, guarantees high quality printing results on various substrates – and in different formats. «Drupa confirmed our leadership in high-end flatbed presses,» said Marco Baio, founder and CEO of NoeCha. «We are proud to say that we have the largest number of machines ever installed in this market segment in Italy».


Worldwide premiere for the NoeCha DOT1.


NoeCha DOT1 was the main attraction on the booth. The wide format flatbed printer was acknowledged for its outstanding image quality ensured by new printing heads. Enthusiastic feedback was also recorded for its 3.2×1.6 m table with 21 separated and independent vacuum zones allowing the broadest rigid media printing. NoeCha DOT1 is equipped with a UV-LED system and prints 4-colors plus white (before and after). “The new DOT1 has proven to deliver the best technological advantage when compared with other systems in the market, thanks to its unique feature which provides native resolution of 1200×1200 dpi, with 3 grayscale outputs varying the drop size from 1.5 to 3.5 picoliters, the smallest size ever used before in this market segment. Customers and wide format market experts recognized the innovative technology of NoeCha DOT1. «Thanks to its exceptional print quality and productivity, it is the only benchmark solution in the market», concluded Baio.


NoeCha announced its sales network support.


Drupa 2016 was also an opportunity to get in touch with several companies interested in distributing NoeCha technology worldwide.This strategy will help to quickly build an international network allowing us to penetrate the most important markets worldwide.



Drupa 2016 technology leader NoeCha ONE

About Gescom S.p.A.


Gescom S.p.A. of Viterbo is one of Italy’s largest digital printing company: a big factory (more than 15.000 sqm), a number of high-end equipments and special attention to technological innovation contributed to make Gescom a leading digital print specialist offering its services to Italian and international customers. Gescom is specialized in the wide and super wide format rigid and flexible media printing. It also provide offset printing services.


About Victory Print


Victory Print is an historic Scandinavian company operating in the Sign&Display sector specialized in serving indoor and outdoor market for POS/POP with retail business as main field of application. Formerly Victory Print was a screen printer entering the digital printing market as soon as this technology become available. Over the years Victory Print made extensive investment in digital printing equipments making the digital division at the forefront of innovation.


Get inspired by NoeCha at Drupa 2016.




NoeCha will attend the world’s largest printing trade show, Drupa 2016, from May 31 to June 10 in Dusseldorf. The company will be located in hall 6, stand D02 and will be showcasing, for the first time worldwide, the UV-LED inkjet flatbed NoeCha DOT1, a compact version of the highly successful industrial press NoeCha1, now featuring new enhancements. Visitors to the show will be able to see live demonstrations on both printing systems.


NoeCha times two, new DOT1 unveiled.


Drupa 2016 has been chosen to launch a new wide format UV-LED flatbed press: the NoeCha DOT1, a compact version of the NoeCha1, dedicated to high quality printing and short run production, achieving results never seen before with these presses.


The new press delivers photo-realistic quality thanks to its new print heads which provide a native resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi (single pass) with 3 grayscale outputs for an exceptional quality level, varying the drop size from 1,5 picoliters (the smallest size in the market) up to 3.5 picoliters. The UV-LED system guarantees excellent printing results on a wide range of material as well as assuring low operating costs.


The 3.2 x 1.6 m flatbed equipped with 21 vacuum zones allows printability on any type of substrates for all market standard sizes. The DOT1 is equipped with high quality UV-LED inks in 4 colors with the possibility of printing white (before and after).


Compact design and maximum versatility.


Characterized by an extremely compact design (just one piece), NoeCha DOT1 is extremely easy to install and put into production in just a few hours. An additional advantage is the print carriage which has been designed to accommodate different print heads: 1200×1200, 600×600 (like NoeCha1) or bi-color. Moreover, with the aim of increasing the overall throughput and meeting additional requirements, a semi-automatic F&S system will be available in a few months’ time as an option for loading and uploading panels along with a roll to roll for web printing.


“We are sure visitors will be excited by the performance of the new DOT1 which features a compact design and a very robust mechanical structure designed with the same tolerance criteria as its big sister the NoeCha ONE”, says Marco Baio, founder and CEO NoeCha.


The new DOT1 will be ready for commercialization immediately after Drupa.


NoeCha1, now with new functions.


NoeCha is going to present the industrial press NoeCha ONE, already highly appreciated by the market with several installations in Europe and Mexico, and now equipped with additional upgrades, such as the fully automatic feeder and stacker system. The machine in the booth will be fully configured with 5 print heads per color to deliver the highest performances. “We are really proud to present the innovative technology of NoeCha1 and its outstanding level of quality due to the high resolution made possible by the print heads”, says Marco Baio.


NoeCha ONE features an innovative print engine that allows native resolution of 600×600 dpi (single pass), with up to 4-level grayscale controlling the drop size from 3 to 14 picoliters offering photo-realistic quality and perfectly readable text up to body 1.


These features, together with a 320×200 cm vacuum table, make it particularly suitable for graphics, packaging & display, and for several industrial applications (for example, printing of panels in wood, ceramics, glass and other substrates for flooring and furniture). NoeCha1 is available in four configurations with printing speeds from 80 m2/h up to 480 m2/h ensuring the same level of quality.


The UV-LED cold cure system designed entirely by the company’s R&D team is also part of NoeCha’s technology. Based on electronics developed by NoeCha to control the print heads, the UV-LED system not only reduces the operating cost of the machine, but significantly increases the print quality.


Last, but not least, this system allows energy consumption to be lowered and the environmental impact to be limited, thanks to a reduced emission of ozone.


NoeCha looks forward to welcoming visitors to its booth and discussing how its technology can help them to be more efficient.



Drupa 2016 banner


NoeCha goes overseas and sales its first NoeCha ONE in Mexico.




Indeed the company DPR Digital Professional, based in Mexico DF, has recently invested in a NoeCha ONE to cope with the increasing request to print directly on rig material. The printer is due to be installed in November 2015.


DPR is a company dedicated to digital and wide format printing. In their facilities, they have an important park of machine for printing on flexible and rigid material as well as sublimation. The success of the company is based on high quality products, use of the latest technology and a comprehensive after-sales service. The installation of the NoeCha1 will allow them to stay ahead of the competition offering higher quality for a competitive price.

Moreover DPR, has concluded a partnership with NoeCha to resell the equipment line, NoeCha1, in Central and South America.


“We are convinced that the high level of quality and productivity delivered by the printer combined with low operational cost makes it the right product for the high-end digital printing market in Central America” says Luis Garrido, owner of DPR. “The market of flatbed digital printing is in continuous growth in this area of the globe and there was a need for an alternative to the few main manufacturers.“


The participation of DPR in Fespa Mexico 2015 few weeks ago has been a great opportunity to inform the market about their new collaboration with NoeCha and to present the NoeCha1. On its stand, the company has displayed printed samples and a video of NoeCha1 which has generated a great interest and enthusiasm from the visitors. They expect to finalize some contracts in a near future.


Marco Baio, founder of NoeCha, concludes, “We are delighted that the company DPR came to us and chose us as their supplier and partner. We are convinced that our collaboration will allow the NoeCha1 to rapidly position itself well on the high-end digital printing market in America.”

NoeCha at Fespa 2015, Cologne.





NoeCha presented for the first time in an international exhibition its new version of the revolutionary wide format digital press, NoeCha1, based on UV-LED technology. The new press has generated lots of interest and enthusiasm form the market.





Fespa 2015 technology leader NoeCha ONE
Drupa 2016 technology leader NoeCha ONE
Fespa 2015 technology leader NoeCha ONE